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Winter Running Tips


Article 2:
Happy New Year’s Resolution & Winter Running Tips!

Dear All:

Well, I can't let this occasion pass by without a word or two to my running buddies!

Looking back, I'd say the past year was a pretty good one: we each set and reached our running goals, some of us experienced the disappointment (and real pain) of injuries, others had some personal setbacks -- but all in all, each of us accomplished at least one of our personal goals for the year: completing a marathon or 1/2 marathon! For some, it was the first time at that distance; for others, it was a 5th marathon or the 20th half marathon! Congratulations to all!

What I'm most proud of, is not that each of you set a goal - because that's one of those things that most people do around new year's - but that each of you set a goal AND created the environment to accomplish it...and you did this by showing up and running as part of the group, week after grueling week!

Whether or not you re-join the Galloway program next year, I hope that you take the "life lessons" you learned this year and use them in the future to mold you into the best person you can be!

And before I leave you, let me offer some reminders about running outdoors during the cold, winter months: the key to staying warm is to wear LAYERS! You don't want any one layer to be too bulky - and by wearing layers, IF you should get warm during the run, you can take off one layer and not risk freezing to death.

The layer closest to your body should be a long sleeved coolmax top. The next layer should be something fleece (that you can remove if you get too warm). The top layer is your wind breaker - best if made with polypropylene, Gore-tex or something protective like that!

If you're running a race that offers baggage check, bring along a plastic bag with your race number pinned to it and about 15 minutes before race start, check your coat -- that way, after the race, you'll be nice and toasty! (But carry your money & keys on your person during the race, just in case the bag is lost or taken by mistake....)

Long tights are definitely in order - sometimes, if it's really cold, I’ll wear a pair of short tights under the long ones. They also sell tights that are a bit thicker for colder days, but I would stay away from wind pants (cuz the swishing noise is really annoying)!

In the fall, winter and early spring you'll also need a hat - a stocking cap will do, but a hat made from coolmax is even better cuz it allows your head to sweat - and gloves - and sunglasses if it's sunny out (to protect against the glare beaming off the snow).

Don’t forget your water bottle - you still need to replace your water intake as you sweat, even in the cold weather – and a power bar/gel is you’re going out for a long run!

The same sneakers and socks you're used to wearing are OK for winter use - but when the roads are icy or it's actively snowing out, you won't find me on the road, as I don't really want to risk injuring myself!

If you're careful and dress properly, winter running is lots of fun…enjoy!

Best wishes for a joyful, healthy and meaningful new year!

"Coach Ruth"