Running with Ruth

Stories that Inspire & Motivate...Not for New Runners Only! By Ruth Gursky


Gettin' Racy!

Chapter 5: I’m Back…With a Vengeance!

Article 2: Gettin' Racy!

As many of you know, I've been sidelined for over a year with injuries sustained during a nasty fall on a broken sidewalk last April. Well, the good news is that I ran my first race, the Mother's Day 5K, a couple of weeks back. And while there are still some lingering medical issues to deal with, it feels great to be back!

To those of you who are new to the Galloway Program and have never raced before, let me assure you that participation in a race is lots of fun…and a great way to see how your training's coming along. Whether you're "speedy" or "speed challenged"…that's OK! As the Nike ad promotes: Just Do It!

And by joining the Galloway marathon and ½ marathon training program, you’re going to be trained to do just that, pain free and injury free (if you follow your group leader’s instructions, that is)!!

And while we're on the subject of participation and doing our personal best, why not check out the late summer or fall race schedule and pick a goal race. Whether it’s a marathon or ½ marathon, you’ll have five months of training that’ll get you safely to the finish line, with a big smile on your face and the spirit to wanna do it again…soon!

Looking forward to seeing you "get racy" this season!